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Residential Storage

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All season rugged
Residential storage units
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Perfect for complete renovations
20' container at home
Larger 20′ container also available
Stowaway storage units
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Drop off delivery
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Call Stow Away!

  • We deliver the container; you load it at your leisure.
  • Stow it at your location or ours.
  • Ground level loading
  • E-track for secure ratchet strapping
  • Tie-Down rings
  • Weatherproof and water-tight

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  • Attractive box delivered right to your location. The unit can be easily maneuvered to a safe location of your choice on your property.
  • Packing, loading, unloading and unpacking at your leisure. No more rushing around, straining yourself because the rental truck has to be back, or because the moving company will charge you extra.
  • Ground level loading! No more climbing up and down, and in and out of a truck. No more hassle of a lift gate. Just step right in!
  • Leave the driving to us - we will pick your unit up and deliver it to the location of your choice.
  • Have to vacate your home but not ready to move in? No problem! We can store your belongings at our safe and secure facility.


  • Getting ready to move?
  • Preparing to show the house?
  • Realtor pushing for you to declutter and clean up?
  • STOW it in one of Stow Away's units!
  • Renovations: Home or Business
  • Struggling to find places to move everything? Let Stow Away Storage help!
  • No more jamming all your belongings/equipment into other rooms, cluttering them and getting in your way.
  • We can provide you safe, secure and weather proof container on your site. Clear the rooms to be renovated. We can keep the container at your facility or STOW it at ours. Then return it at completion. Move in at your leisure, no time pressure!


  • Tripping over things everywhere?
  • Closets tumbling down on you?
  • Garage overflowing?
  • Kids coming home from college?
  • Kids moving back in?
  • Looking out in the back yard at all that Lawn furniture, Pool toys, Tools, Kayaks, Canoes, Lawn mower, Gardening tools, Bags of Mulch, and lawn care products? OR Snow blowers, Shovels, Ice Melt, Skis, Snowboards, Sleds, etc.
  • Seasonal stuff you don’t want to see for 6 months? You can load your Stow Away container with your seasonal stuff and we will store it for the winter! When the flowers start to bloom, call us! We will get bring it back to you. After you unload your summer items, you can reload it with your winter items!


  • Doing an on-site renovation? We can deliver a container to your job site containing your building materials, compressors, generators, tools, gears, etc. At the end of the work day, instead of loading everything back in a van or pick up, just STOW it in the container!
  • STOW your valuable building materials out of the rain and snow.
  • Set up your Stow Away container as a “Mini-Shop!!! Do your work out of the elements!
  • Change Job Sites without hassle. Done with this job and ready to move the next! Great! Secure your tools and building materials in the Stow Away container, and give us a call. We will move it to your next job!
  • Time gap between jobs? Not quite ready? Let us know. We can hold it at our secure facility until you are ready!

Why Pick Us

Storing with Stow Away Storage is fast, easy, affordable and local. Our service people are friendly and knowledgeable. STOW it at your location or ours. Safe, secure and weatherproof containers.

Just pick up the phone and give us a call or submit a reservation request. Our sales staff will be happy to answer your questions or fill your order right away.

Moving and Packing Tips

  • Get the right supplies. You will need good sturdy boxes of various sizes as well as padding supplies such as: bubble wrap, wrapping sheets, newspaper. In addition you will need scissors, heavy duty tape, labels, and markers.
  • Do not over pack. Small boxes should be used for heavier items. The heavier items should be at the bottom of the box.
  • Fill the boxes completely. Free space allows the items to shift and potentially break. Use lighter items such as pillows, towels, sheets, clothes, etc to fill the extra space.
  • Don’t mix rooms in boxes. It will just make the unpacking all the more difficult.
  • Take the time to label what is in each box, as well as the room the box will be moved to. It is a good practice to list boxes 1 of X, this way you know when you have all the boxes for a room and can be sure you haven’t lost or misplaced any boxes. This will save you time and headaches.
  • While it is easy to close the box by interlocking the top flaps, this will not provide as strong a structural base. Use heavy duty packing tape to seal the top and the bottom. It is a good practice to tape all the way around the box in the most stressed areas.
  • Remember to pack a few boxes of items that will be needed immediately and remember to pack them last so you will have access to them.
  • Do not pack dishes flat. They should be packed vertically. With plenty of padding. This will reduce the chance of them breaking.
  • When packing glass and breakables put packing paper around each one, then wrap bundles together with more paper.
  • Plasma TV’s cannot be laid on their side.
  • Newspaper can stain certain items such as lampshades and fine china.

Stow Away Storage is not responsible for any material loaded in your container whatsoever, regardless of the location of the unit. Please see the contract for more details.
The storing of hazardous material of any type is forbidden,( ie, combustibles such as gasoline Kerosene or explosives). Please see the contract for more details.